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 Players common see in this server

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PostSubject: Players common see in this server   Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:44 am

well i posted this cause I see that this server is getting boring by the time. and i am not the only one who is saying this. I just want to ask what are your plans to make this server more entertaining. cause there are so little things to do here. for example is when you already completed your costume HG all you have to do is to hunt for mvp's and thats it, when all of the mvp's are dead the available things that you can do are the token quest and some of your automatic events which is every one hour. The PVP here is quite useless cause few are participating, why don't give a prize for every kills we get, that way we are encourage to play. and The woe here is just every evening and that's the only time that players are active. but still some are not participating, i don't know why, maybe they lack the motivation or something, or maybe because of the woe prize?? cause the GL is the only one who is having the benefits. and the members don't even get salary, probably because they can't do a thing about it. so why not give better prizes like the ones before. you guys usually give AAc's, Pcc's, mvp loots, etc. try comparing those times now.. before players here are really encourage to participate on the woe because they need those prices and they know that its essential, and when you remove it look how slowly the no. of players decreases. Maybe because they get discourage and lazy to play cause they lack the motivation.

I hope you guys have a plan for this server cause i used to enjoy this server. try thinking at the past, how you guys manage to have those lots of players, how you guys made them active, and what are the things that you've done that make other players quits Very Happy
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Players common see in this server
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